To You Who Never Knew

You are loved. You always are. From the second you held your first breath, your existence was greatly celebrated. Yes, you matter. You are special, one of a kind. Imperfectly flawed yet perfectly fine.

img_20170107_192123You are beautiful. Your beauty does not compete with time. You are not qualified by the man you are/will be with but with the Man who created you. Your grace is ageless, it’s priceless. You are highly favored. A child of a King.

Don’t you know that you own a kingdom? If so, why is the princess slouching around the hay? Get up! Venture around the castle under your royal name. The King is about to show you His favorite room, lying all your heart’s desires. img_20161015_161353

Do not settle for less of who you are. You’re worth shall always be remembered in the glory of your Creator. You are not defined by the measures of this rotten realm of humanity. For they too, are not defined by your superficial eyesight.

No need to create your story, just learn how to dance with it. For it was long crafted by the greatest Story Maker in the ancient history of universe.

Yes, your destiny’s predicted long before you were born- named after victory. Now, rejoice upon knowing that your future is rest assured. Fear no more of what tomorrow brings, for He can never be mistaken.

To You Who Never Knew, before you rant about how *ythghjklllllllkj;lp-097865* life is, please care to know that you weren’t suppose to sit in idle. Instead, you must carry on the adventure laid before you. Unveil the puzzle of life by the lead of wisdom.

P.S. Stop licking the wounds of your past. Move forward and not just move on! For once, let the Doctor do his job and finally fix you.


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