Worthy of the Chase


Need not to be anxious of when, of who or how

Need not to be furious about the old love that never worked out.

Accept that there are things your heart and lowly wisdom cannot fathom,

There are journeys you want to take further but has come to an end.

Yet do not lose heart, dear woman.

For there is a depth of treasures lying inside you .

Let your beauty be alike that pearl whom the merchants sought after.

Worthy of the ruthless waiting and chase.

Do not bargain your worth for a fleeting promise of charm.

Lest you want to degrade diamond to the value of an ordinary stone.

Your heart should be so hidden in God,

kept intact and preserved under His majestic glory.

Let anyone chase after God to know whatsoever lies in it.

Do not waver and doubt of your beauty and grace,

For it has been anchored with the deeper cores of Creation.

Dear woman, save yourself from the gaping sighs of the future.

Cheer yourself instead of the youth laid before you,

Celebrate the vibrance and goodness of life.

Jump around the circles of the long road you are still about to take.

Dear woman, who you are is always secured and assured with a promise of love

done 2000 years ago.

Now, let go and live freely in light, peace and love.



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