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      1. Blogging is very interesting if only you can make it take that form. In other words, your growth in blogging depends a lot on you. My First rule: Post good contents. 2. Visit other blogs and read their posts, if not no one will read yours. 3. Build up communication by liking and commenting on post. They will return your gesture by liking and commenting on your post too. Above all, if you deserved to be followed, then whoever that followed you also deserved to be followed too. The thing is by following anyone that follows you, you can see their post and they can see yours; it will send the message that you consider their post as important as yours, and it gives a good feeling. Don’t make the mistake of just thanking a follower without following them, except you don’t want to grow. 4. Check my post: Daily Prompt: “Reason to believe” and you will get a picture of what happens when you start blogging. 5. Use the “Reader” always. In that way you can see all the posts of the people you follow. Did the information help?

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  1. “Could it be a sign of being rebellious? Or is it just my way of being deviant from the the mess of this world? Is asking a sign of disrespect towards others’ belief and personal perspectives?”

    I think that asking a question simply reveals that you are inquisitive. There is nothing offensive or rebellious about it, but sometimes people label those who ask questions as “devious.” This has nothing to do with you: it stems entirely from the other person’s insecurities. So I would encourage you to keep being curious, because it will lead you to YOUR truth.

    Also, have you ever heard of the book “The Outsider” by Colin Wilson? It is about people who feel fundamentally different from everyone else, and I think you might be able to relate to it. I particularly think you might connect with T. E. Lawrence, who is one of the historical figures discussed in “The Outsider.” He was primarily a thinking outsider: meaning his main problem was that he was always in his head. He has his own book too, called “The Seven Pillars of Wisdom.”

    Here is a well-written summary of “The Outsider”, if you’d like to know more about it: https://taicarmen.wordpress.com/category/the-outsider/

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    1. Hey Josh, thanks for passing by in my blog and I really appreciate you comment here. You might be absolutely right, but I think we must always know the intentions of our search for knowledge. For everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial. It can either create or destroy you. But anyways, I’ll keep that in mind and also try to rad about the book you are referring to. πŸ™‚ God bless and hope we could keep in touch!

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